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Andrea Downie

Co-founding Director, Educator, Learning and Wellbeing Designer; Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Wellbeing Science - Project Thrive Australia; The University of Melbourne

Andrea Downie is an educator, action researcher and international keynote speaker who has worked collaboratively with hundreds of schools and organisations to empower well-being and inspire transformational, innovative, and impactful growth.

In 2016, Andrea co-founded Project Thrive. With a focus on systems leadership and well-being science and through creating engaging and purposeful learning, Andrea challenges schools and organisations on traditional well-being approaches of reactive problem solving and moves them towards co-designing the future.

Andrea has worked in Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and TAFE education systems, across all sectors, State, Private and Independent. Her experience, knowledge and research has given her insight into some of education’s greatest strengths and, importantly, opportunities for growth.

She has implemented theory of change processes with well over 100 leaders. Her work with leaders has been published to provide school networks, local and state governments with key principles and processes for developing well-being and educational capabilities across communities. Andrea is instrumental in designing and activating processes and policies to positively impact the behaviours and culture of organisations as well as enhancing education practices.

She is passionate about making education the best and most desirable system in the world where well-being, authentic learning and personal growth for all students is at the forefront.

As of November 2022, Andrea has held the position of Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Wellbeing Science at The University of Melbourne.