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Charlotte Hankin

Eco-Committee Lead and Grade 3/4 Homeroom Teacher - Prem Tinsulanonda International School

Charlotte Hankin is an international educator with over twenty two years’ experience as a school leader, teacher, school-to-school consultant and education policy advisor for the UK government. Charlotte believes that learning is a process of becoming that is at the same time personal, social and ecological. She believes in open spaces of learning that nurture creativity, exploration, and a love for the natural world.  Working at the nexus of theory and practice, Charlotte is also pursuing her PhD in Education with Bath University, exploring how children become-worldly through multi-species moments in educational contexts. Charlotte recognises the intrinsic, intuitive force within us all that connects to the natural world, believing that educational ecosystems should design closer observation of these relationships to leverage our collective capacities to not just sustain, but regenerate life.