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Rebecca Findlay

Head of Primary - International School @ParkCity, Malaysia

Currently, Head of Primary at the International School @ParkCity in KL, Rebecca Findlay has been a  school leader since 2009. Her experience spans 25 years in schools both in the UK and internationally. Across her career, Rebecca dedicates time to professional learning with a view to continuously refining both her teaching skills and leadership practice and is passionate about developing this culture of learning amongst her teams.

Rebecca’s professional interests lie with the contributory role of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to Leadership and international school culture and she is an advocate for international educators in achieving their potential both overseas and in repatriation; she is a member of the newly founded International Schools Network (ISN).

Rebecca is the Founding Network Lead for WomenEd Malaysia, providing professional development and support for women as leaders in various industries and settings across Malaysia and writes as an educational commentator, often referencing the value of employing EQ skills as an educator and leader.