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Tim Nash

Founder - Wo Hui Mandarin

Tim F Nash is the founder of Wo Hui Mandarin, an edtech company set up by a group of international schools to make learning Mandarin Chinese simple and useful.

Tim is an inspirational leader and creative-thinker with 30 years of professional experience of building bridges and solving seemingly intractable problems in education, technology and business, in both the public and private sectors.

He is driven by a mission to help people to face the unknown without fear so they can navigate the world with confidence. In that context, he is especially interested how languages shape our identity, cognitive processes and relationships.  Since digital technology has forever transformed our relationship to knowledge, Tim is convinced that student agency is vital for durable learning and that fuels his passion for us to rethink our educational systems.

Tim grew up in international schools, studied Chinese at Oxford University and trained as a teacher at Cambridge University. He has taught foreign languages in Britain and Asia, and has helped companies and government bodies to engage more effectively with China. Tim has an additional degree in Inter-Cultural Studies from the Open University, and holds technology patents in China and the United States.