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Xoài David

Co-Founder - Organisation to Decolonise International Schools (ODIS)

Representing the Organisation to Decolonise International Schools (ODIS) Xoài David, (pronounced s-why) is a mixed Asian-European Third Culture Kid writer, illustrator, and advocate for anti-racist education. ODIS was founded by Xoài and her friend Clara (Anna Clara Reynolds) in 2020, when they created a petition to decolonise the IB curriculum. Since then, Xoài and Clara have spoken at online events by TCKidNow, AIELOC, Ecolint, the University of Manchester, and the University of California, as well as hosted ODIS events for LGBT+ Leaders and DEIJ student initiatives in Singapore-based International Schools. Both co-founders have spoken on podcasts, as well as written or been interviewed for articles. ODIS and collective has engaged with the IB and surrounding community to implement DEIJ changes within schools. Having grown up in eight different countries and attended international schools throughout, Xoài is a graduate in book design, currently residing in Paris and pursuing her career as a writer.