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I was impressed with the selection of inspirational speakers, useful material to use in my context.
Andrew Ware
Andrew WareHead of High School Science and PhysicsUnited World College of South East Asia (East)
Overall, I felt the conference was very well-organized, communications were very clear and efficient, and the platform was one of the best I have encountered for an online conference. I really appreciated the time zone converting to my own time zone to avoid confusion, as well as the live sessions streamed on the platform instead of having to log into Zoom for each session. The quality of speakers, interactions and networking opportunities were great!
 Katina Grigoraskos
Katina GrigoraskosWells International School
Pertinent, relevant and thought-provoking session, speakers and themes to explore.
David Bryan
David BryanDeputy Head of SchoolInternational School of London, Qatar
This was a superb programme in terms of both breadth and depth, and quality of speakers and content. Fantastic!
Dr Fiona Aubrey-Smith
Dr Fiona Aubrey-SmithDirectorOne Life Learning Limited
Very well-organised, excellent platform, good range of workshops and PD. Loved the responsiveness of the website, really well done.
James Wren
James WrenDesign and CommunicationsECIS
An excellent conference with a diverse and high quality range of speakers on very relevant themes.
Michael Rosenbrock
Michael RosenbrockWodonga Senior Secondary College, Australia
The Outstanding Schools Conference provided an excellent balance of international and local speakers & forums for discussions & workshop sessions that were highly relevant, backed by research. There was a plethora of practical tools, pathways and ideas to enable schools and individuals to continue on their learning journeys with the primary focus of supporting and accelerating students opportunities to learn, grow and to achieve success.
Tracy Raukura Gilles
Tracy Raukura Gilles Vice PrincipalCharterschools
Thanks for the opportunity to network and discuss ideas which relate to my current role as CPD leader. The keynote speakers gave a lot of food for thought. I look forward to the next conference!
Richard Driscoll
Richard DriscollShenzhen College of International Education
The event was very organised and timed well. All the sessions started and ended on time.
Resham Puri
Resham PuriNahar International School