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Day 1, 28th February 2023: Wellbeing and Inclusion Stream

9:00 am
Conference Registration
9:30 am
Chair’s Welcome and Opening Address

The Chair will welcome delegates to the first day of the conference, which will focus on two interrelated themes: Leadership and Workforce and Wellbeing and Inclusion. 

Anita Gleave
Anita Gleave
Founder and CEO
Chatsworth Schools
9:55 am
Keynote Presentation: Positive Psychology in Practice: A Model of Leadership for the Twenty-First Century
  • The science and key tenets underpinning positive psychology, and how school leaders can embed them within their leadership style.  
  • How can positive psychology provide a catalyst for organisationl change. 
  • Leading by example: how positive educational leadership and a focus upon inspiration can build connections and loyalty.  
  • Developing resilience within your faculty and ensuring that your senior leadership team can support your staff and colleagues’ mental health.  
  • Meaningful ways to make staff feel valued that is structured and counterbalanced with academic excellence.  
Meik Wiking
Meik Wiking
The Happiness Research Institute
10:40 am
Sponsored Presentation
11:00 am
Keynote Presentation: The Future of Leadership in the International Schools Sector
  • What is the future of the international education sector in Europe? 
  • How can international school leaders and senior leadership teams adapt to respond to and meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market? 
  • Instituting change and inspiring innovation within your school. 
Olli-Pekka Heinonen
Olli-Pekka Heinonen
Director General
The International Baccalaureate
11:45 am
Morning Networking Break
12:15 pm
Leadership and Workforce Roundtable Sessions

Delegates are invited to attend one of the below interactive roundtable discussions in the Leadership and Workforce stream. Please note that these roundtable sessions will take place concurrently and at the same time as the roundtable sessions in the Wellbeing and Inclusion stream.  

Roundtable 1: Tailoring Approaches to Educator Performance Management
  • What is the current research surrounding effective staff appraisals, and how can school leadership teams implement evidence-based performance management strategies?  
  • The importance of using middle leaders when setting whole school key performance indicators and for appraising educators’ progress. 
  • Developing a more collaborative and self-reflexive process whereby staff take on greater ownership of their development so that they can meet their career goals.
Roundtable 2: Attracting the Best: Recruiting and Retaining Outstanding Talent
  • Current recruitment trends in European international schools: what are the motivations underpinning educators’ career choices?  
  • How can European international schools attract the best talent in an increasingly competitive market? 
  • How will the ongoing impact of Brexit impact European schools’ hiring practices in 2023 and beyond? 
  • The importance of ongoing CPD opportunities to retain leading talent. 
  • What should schools do to ensure that they employ equitable hiring practices that provide equal opportunities for all? 
1:15 pm
Lunch Break
2:15 pm
Panel Discussion: Breaking Down Barriers – Women in Leadership at European International Schools
  • What barriers to leadership in international schools most commonly impact individuals who identify as women? 
  • What additional, intersectional challenges preclude some women from advancing to senior leadership positions in European international schools? What can be done to disrupt and dismantle the systems and structures that support this? 
  • How can those already in leadership positions empower and successfully advocate for women seeking leadership positions? 
  • The importance of establishing both formal and informal networks to ensure an equitable future for individuals who identify as women in the European international schools sector. 
Tor Del Federico
Tor Del Federico
Southlands British International School, Italy
Shireen Ali-Khan
Shireen Ali-Khan
Assistant Principal
International School of Geneva, La Grande Boissière Campus
Nancy Lhoest-Squicciarini
Nancy Lhoest-Squicciarini
Lead Facilitator; Network Leader
ECIS (Educational Collaborative for International Schools); WomenEd Luxembourg
3:00 pm
Presentation – Developing a Culture of Coaching and Mentoring Within Your School
  • How can schools develop a culture of coaching and mentoring to create a more effective teaching workforce? 
  • The importance of coaching and mentoring for the development of both pedagogical and soft skills. 
  • The interrelation between coaching, mentoring and succession planning. 
  • Shifting from a managerial hierarchy to a collaborative culture. 
Dr David Porritt
Dr David Porritt
Budapest British International School
3:30 pm
Presentation: Implementing Effective Practices to Improve School Leaders’ Social and Emotional Wellbeing
  • How can schools develop a holistic, whole-school approach to wellbeing that encompasses the needs of both students, educators and school leaders? 
  • What provisions ought to be put in place to safeguard the mental health of senior leadership teams? 
  • Establishing an organisational culture of trust and delegation to safeguard the wellbeing of senior leadership teams. 
  • Strategies to help reduce stress and staff burnout. 
Sinéad Mc Brearty
Sinéad Mc Brearty
Chief Executive Officer
Education Support
4:00 pm
Afternoon Networking Break
4:30 pm
Keynote Lightning Talks: Maintaining International Mindedness and Leading with Magnanimity in Periods of Geo-Political Crisis

This session will consist of two 15-minute presentations followed by a 30-minute summary panel discussion, and moderated live delegate Q&A. 


Hear insights from two international school leaders with direct experience of working in the context of complex, irresolute conflicts about the role that international schools can play in responding to geopolitical crises in and beyond Europe. 

Efrat Meyer
Efrat Meyer
High School Principal
Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jerusalem School