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Beatrice Moccia

Assistant Principal for Curriculum - Leipzig International Kindergarten, Germany

Beatrice Moccia works as Assistant Principal for Curriculum at the Leipzig International Kindergarten. She carries a luggage of 9 years’ international experience in Early Years and so
far, she has had the opportunity to work in schools around Europe such as Ireland, Spain, Italy and Germany. Her passion for education has especially taken her to deeply research, study
and apply positive psychology to Early Years and further, to leadership. She has always been inspired by the impact of happiness in people’s life and has thus made the inspiration of happiness a goal in her career.
Having worked in numerous schools across different countries, and developed an international mind set that affords her a deeper overview and understanding of different cultures, values and norms, she feels the need to dig into the importance of leading young learners to be part of a powerful learning process, offering them an ongoing positive and stimulating learning environment. As both an educator as well as a leader, she seeks to offer to the learning community opportunities to make their personal, professional and learning path meaningful and valuable.