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Jack George

Assistant Head (Discovery) - Aiglon College, Switzerland

Jack George is Assistant Head at Aiglon College, Switzerland in charge of the curriculum, holistic provision and wellbeing of Years 5 to 9. Following a foray into research on multilingualism and translanguaging in international schools, he was drawn to question the efficacy of current assessment and reporting methods in a world where TikTok likes function as social currency. This then led him to investigate blockchain’s potential to reinvent education as we know it through Smart Exams, NFT grades and AI. Since then, he and his colleagues have launched pilots of blockchain based Eduwallets, AI knowledge transfer systems and Instagram-style holistic reports through which students measure themselves against the guiding principles of their schools. His holistic concept designed to reimagine education, School 3.0, sees teachers as guides and validators, which in turn allows students to gain full ownership and control of their educational journeys. He believes that the education sector is certainly late to the party for the Web3 revolution but, if we prioritise radical innovation, that we could most definitely one day be the guest of honour.