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Katrina Daniels-Samasa

Education/DEI Consultant; Founder - Involution Solutions; Black Americans Living Abroad

Katrina Daniels-Samasa has over 20 years experience in education and leadership working in
suburban and inner city schools in America, rural and city areas in the UAE, and a
top tier international school in Jeju, South Korea. During her time in the US, she
served as Middle School Lead, Lead Teacher, and Special Education Senior
Leadership Team link, but shifted roles during her international career to become
Lead Practitioner, English curriculum coordinator, and eventually DEI Lead/
workshop facilitator/trainer.

Her background in Sociology and Education paired with her experiences in
American, British, and local UAE curricula has strengthened her understanding of
the plethora of approaches within education. Being trained in restorative practices,
social emotional learning, anti-bullying in schools, leadership through the Center of
Creative Leadership, Culture and Climate through the Flippen Group and DEI from
various institutions/organisations has shaped her multidimensional lens as she
works with leaders and teams to develop solutions based on their demographic.


Currently, Katrina’s focus is helping schools and teams understand DEIJ/B
for staff and students within international schools. “DEI fails if an organisation
hasn’t defined its culture or understands its current climate.” Her multilayered,
multidimensional approach along with her training helps her to understand and
consider the nuances of international schools as she helps them clarify their culture
and develop strategies to support belonging and inclusivity for all community
members. Katrina has created various programmes to reinforce intercultural
understanding amongst entire school communities. Her focus on cultural humility is
essential in promoting positive school culture within the various school communities
she has served.

In her spare time, she has written various articles focused on climate and
culture and diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has also served as a guest lecturer
for classes at Stanford University, Michigan State University, and Morehouse
University focused on various topics. Her passion for writing and performing poetry
propelled her to begin the first performance based poetry event in the UAE; “
Poetry Slammin’ on the Roof” which served as the inspiration for the longest running
poetry show in the UAE, “Rooftop Rhythms”.