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Sue Aspinall

Headteacher - Junior School Vlaskamp - The British International School, Netherlands

I am a school leader, facilitator of leadership development programmes, author, blogger and speaker.

I am currently Headteacher of Junior School Vlaskamp, one of five campuses within The British School in the Netherlands group. I have also led schools in Malaysia, the UK and Japan.

I am the lead facilitator for the Leadership Programmes offered at the International Leadership Academy in The Hague.

I regularly write and speak about my thoughts on how to improve pedagogical practice and build leadership capacity, to enhance outcomes for students.

I work alongside a skilled, dynamic and committed staff, who provide the best challenge and feedback for me as a leader. I am forever grateful for this relentless, evolutionary learning experience.

As a global professional, I advocate for equity of opportunity for school leaders now and in the future. This is the conversation spreading through the #WomenEdNL network, which I co-lead.

I blog in order to stretch my thinking, deepen my experiences and to share the journey.

Find me on Twitter: @aspinall_sue