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Day 2, 1st March 2023: Teaching and Learning Stream

Please note that all agenda timings are in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
9:00 am
Conference Registration
9:30 am
Chair’s Welcome and Opening Address

The Chair will welcome delegates to the second day of the conference, which will focus on two interrelated themes: EdTech and Management and Teaching and Learning.

9:55 am
Keynote Presentation: Alternative Pedagogies – Rethinking Education for the Twenty-First Century
  • What alternative pedagogies are available and how can European international schools employ them? 
  • Re-evaluating and disrupting educational norms to better equip students with twenty-first century competencies. 
  • How can schools be truly innovative with regards to their assessment practices? Indeed, should there be formalised assessment at all going forward? 
  • How can schools looking to innovate their curriculum and structure get buy-in from key stakeholders to ensure meaningful, long-term operational changes? 
Rob Houben
Rob Houben
Educational Leader
Agora School, The Netherlands
10:40 am
Sponsored Presentation
11:00 am
Keynote Panel Discussion: The Business of Schools – How Can European International Schools Adapt to Meet the Needs of an Evolving Market?
  • As international schools in Europe progressively cater to a growing local population, rather than their traditional expatriate market, how should they adapt to their pedagogy and provision?  
  • What is the purpose of international schools, and what does it mean to be internationally minded, in an increasingly ‘glocal’ market? 
  • Understanding your USP: how can schools develop and communicate their identity and values to attract and retain staff and students? 
  • The business case for DEIJ: how can schools embed their long-term DEIJ vision and measure its success? 
  • What responsibility do European international schools have with respect to global sustainability goals? 
Nicola Lambros
Nicola Lambros
European Director of Education
Cognita Schools
Kam Chohan
Kam Chohan
Executive Director
ECIS (Educational Collaborative for International Schools)
Rob Ford
Rob Ford
Heritage International School, Moldova
Anita Gleave
Anita Gleave
Founder and CEO
Chatsworth Schools
11:45 am
Morning Networking Break
12:15 pm
Teaching and Learning Roundtable Discussions

Delegates are invited to attend one of the below interactive roundtable discussions in the Teaching and Learning stream. Please note that these roundtable sessions will take place concurrently and at the same time as the roundtable sessions in the EdTech and Management stream. 

Roundtable 1: High Impact Teaching Strategies: Differentiation Techniques to Stretch and Challenge All Learners
  • What best practice strategies should teachers be employing to ensure that they are challenging and scaffolding all learners? 
  • The importance of evidence-based assessment practices and how assessment can feed into effective challenge to ensure that students meet their maximum potential. 
  • How can facilitating student agency and allowing children to take ownership of their learning aid differentiated teaching?
12:15 pm
Roundtable 2: EAL Practices in the Classroom to Benefit All Learners
  • What strategies and techniques should educators employ to benefit home language, bilingual, multilingual and EAL learners? 
  • How can a whole school approach to EAL improve learning outcomes for all? 
1:15 pm
Lunch Break
2:15 pm
Panel Discussion: Voice and Choice – How Can Student Agency and Education Co-design Benefit Long-Term Student Outcomes?
  • The importance of self-regulated learning and student agency for developing both academic and soft skills. 
  • How can international schools best foster student’s critical thinking, curiosity and creativity through a child-centred approach to learning? 
  • How can European international schools furnish all children with the skills required to thrive beyond academics and tertiary education? How can student co-collaboration help to achieve this end? 
Dr Robert Sharples
Dr Robert Sharples
Lecturer in Language and Education, School of Education
Bristol University
3:00 pm
Case Study Presentation: The Benefits of Evidence-Based Assessment Practices
  • How can international schools develop and implement a methodology for whole-school evidence-based assessment practices? 
  • Establishing buy-in from all key stakeholders when instituting new assessment strategies within your school. 
  • How can evidence-based assessment improve student outcomes, build greater resilience within students, and manage both parent and students’ expectations regarding to individual outcomes and future pathways. 
3:30 pm
Presentation: The Power of Polyphony: Best Practices for Establishing and Sustaining Multilingual Teaching and Learning Cultures
  • Beyond bilingualism: the benefits of instituting multilingual teaching and learning within your school. 
  • The business case for multilingualism: what are the financial implications of establishing multilingual teaching and learning environments? How feasible is it for an international school to become truly multilingual? 
  • How can multilingualism and translanguaging prepare students for the future of work? 
  • The importance of establishing and sustaining a multilingual culture that prioritises students’ home languages as well as the traditional educational languages commonly used in European schools. 
  • How multilingual international schools can provide additional support for neurodiverse and SEND students.
Dr Eowyn Crisfield
Dr Eowyn Crisfield
Senior Lecturer in TESOL; Director
Oxford Brookes University; Crisfield Educational Consulting
Dr Lorna Caputo-Greenall
Dr Lorna Caputo-Greenall
First Language Coordinator and Head of the Multilingual Academy
International School of Zug and Luzern, Switzerland
4:00 pm
Afternoon Networking Break
4:30 pm
Keynote Presentation: There is No Plan(et) B – Championing Sustainability and Environmental Education
  • What should the role of European international schools be with regards to the global sustainability agenda? 
  • How can schools equip students with the skills to survive and respond to a rapidly worsening climate catastrophe? 
  • Campus transformation: rethinking learning spaces to provide truly sustainable experiential learning environments. 
  • How can school leaders meaningfully embed sustainability in their school’s values and strategic goals?
Odile Rodriguez de la Fuente
Odile Rodriguez de la Fuente
Spanish Naturalist
3:15 pm
Close of Conference