Forthcoming Outstanding Schools Conferences

Academic Heads, Heads of Teaching & Learning, Heads of Assessment & Curriculum

Raising Attainment Middle East comes at a time of major uncertainty over the role and nature of assessments as well continued dependence on hybrid and remote learning. Long term questions over the both the curriculum content and personalisation of its delivery remain.

For the attending Principals, Academic Heads, Heads of Curriculum & Assessment and Heads of Teaching & Learning, this event offers a chance to share in each other’s challenges and enjoy solidarity in working towards solutions. Delegates are able to enjoy a first-in-class networking platform, outstanding keynote speakers and “video-on” breakout-rooms for roundtable discussions.

School Leaders, Academic Heads, Heads of Professional Development, Heads of Wellbeing

The Teacher Retention and Professional Development was designed specifically to address the challenges in teacher retention and development, which have been heightened and exacerbated by the global pandemic.

By placing a focus on the changing face of CPD, as well as leadership strategies that will help create an environment where all staff can flourish, this conference provides a platform for everyone involved to gain best-practice and strategic guidance on how to build a happy and productive teaching workforce.