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Arnna Graham

Principal and Head of Professional Learning - Bloom Education

My name is Arnna Graham.  I am the developer of Leadership in Pictures.  I work with beginning, developing and aspiring leaders, helping them to find the time and pathways to access leadership learning, when it feels like they can’t.

I have been a school leader, a leadership coach, a curriculum writer and developer of teams for the past 25 years, in New Zealand and the Middle East, undertaking research projects Australia and China; having worked for Vanderbilt University in Nashville; and a lead facilitator in Leadership Assessment and Development Centers in New Zealand.  I am a trained behavior analyst.  My thesis research was in Profound Professional Learning for Experienced Leaders.  My last ten years has been Middle East based.

I’m a learner, but what drives me is about building capacity.  Leading learning that has relevance and action.  Action informs theory and theory comes from action.

I think quickly, speak quickly and am happiest when I have four different projects and activities on the go, all at the same time. I’m a nicer person and a nicer leader when I am busy. A watered-down version of me is exciting. A fully-focused version of me, makes me slightly intense, focused and driven. There are times we need each, rarely do we need both!