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d’Arcy Lunn

Group Head Sustainability & Global Citizenship - Education in Motion (EiM)

d’Arcy Lunn is the Group Head of Sustainability and Global Citizenship for Education in Motion‘s global network of international schools. His journey in education started in 2000 when he went to teach in a remote Aboriginal school in the outback of Australia. Since then it has been his passion to seek out the most different and diverse cultures in the world, learn from them, and facilitate the sharing of experiences, skills and perspectives to benefit all. In addition to his work with EiM, d’Arcy is the founder of Teaspoons of Change, which focuses on the personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet. In June 2018 he completed a Master’s in Peace Studies in Tokyo, Japan through the Rotary Peace Fellowship and now also gives Teaspoons of Peace presentations and workshops. d’Arcy spends much of his professional and personal life traveling around the world, facilitating youth empowerment programs, supporting global citizen education and working with leading development organisations and projects including UNICEF, World’s Largest Lesson, Global Citizen and the JUMP! Foundation.