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Dr Louise Lambert

Editor, Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology and Head of Happiness Research and Policy Design, - Happiness Matters

Based in Dubai, Dr. Louise combines the best of science and positive psychological practice towards the attainment of better life, academic and organizational outcomes. As a Canadian registered positive psychologist who develops, delivers, and evaluates training and intervention programs, she also has several peer-reviewed publications, some of which have been featured in RAND Corporation and World Happiness Reports. Her research/work includes emotion detection and AI, positive design for architects, positive education programs for schools and teachers, and the use of positive psychology interventions for greater subjective wellbeing in the workplace. Since 2015, Dr. Louise has been the Editor of the Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology. She is also the author of the first regional textbook in positive psychology and general psychology. See www.happinessmatters.org for more.