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Faiza Mubeen

Founding Head of Inclusion - Beech Hall School Riyadh

Faiza Mubeen is currently working as the Director of Inclusion at Beech Hall School Riyadh. Faiza has  served several schools as a senior academic advisor and has more than 10 years’ experience in pastoral care and inclusion.

Faiza specialises in the provision of inclusive education, career counselling, social-emotional upbuilding, along with professional development trainings for educators. ​

Faiza holds a Master’s degree in International Education Management from Pädagogische Hochschule, Ludwigsburg, Germany as well as a postgraduate degree in Mass Communication & Social Sciences with a research focus on UN SDGs and incorporating UN goals into the education framework. She has an extensive track record of working with schools in Dubai, Al Ain and Kuwait.

Faiza is a driven, organised, and dedicated professional, and she strives to develop inspiring relationships with students, teachers, and parents. Her passions also include writing, reading literature, research work and poetry.

Faiza’s role as Founding Head of Inclusion is an exciting one, as it provides her with an opportunity to contribute and assist inclusive practices incorporated in the education system, and it enables her to support the inclusion of children that are differently able and full of determination.