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Hilary Hunt

Head of Teaching and Learning - Victoria International School Sharjah

Hilary Hunt is the Head of Teaching and Learning at Victoria International School of Sharjah.  She works with teachers at both the Taawun & Mleiha Campuses to support their Professional Development in Innovation, Teaching and Learning.  She advocates for learner-centered approaches in the classroom and in professional learning, with a strong focus on cultural and relational pedagogy. Favoring targeted, differentiated, agentic modes of learning, she facilitates PLCs, instructional coaching, Professional Learning Continuums for self-reflection and adapts whole school training to modules where staff can “choose their own adventure.”  She is a proud New Zealander, a teacher of in MFL, EAL, Humanities, an ISTE certified Educator, and STEAM enthusiast,  who has lived in the UAE for 5 years.