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Kephren Sherry

Head of Primary - Citizens School

Kephren Sherry oversees the Primary department at Citizens School. Soon after completing her undergraduate degree at Lancaster University, Kephren worked in both primary and secondary schools where she discovered her lifelong passion for learning development in young children. With over 20 years of rich experience and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Roehampton University, UK, she has worked across several educational leadership positions around the world including the UK, UAE, and Malaysia.

Kephren first held a leadership position as a Foundation Stage Leader in the UK, after which she up the ranks to become Deputy Headteacher and Acting Headteacher. She then joined as founding member of the Senior Leadership Team at a new school in Dubai and was promoted to Deputy Principal to the Head of Primary. After leading the school to success, Kephren then moved to Malaysia to start another new school as Head of Primary, an opportunity that allowed her to develop a team of primary teachers in an international setting. Kephren has now returned to Dubai to facilitate all aspects of the primary department at Citizens School.

A firm believer in fostering a love for lifelong learning in students and staff, Kephren has played a key role in cultivating the right leadership values from founding to implementation at several international schools. She holds a keen interest in driving and improving teaching teams through collaborative learning, mentoring, and coaching. For Kephren, reflective practice and evidence informed research are key drivers of change – both adding strong value to Citizens School.