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Siju Philip

Head of Innovation - Global Indian International School

Siju Philip is an experienced innovation in school leader, a NASA Certified Educator, and a Robotics and STEAM educator with a decade long history of working in the education industry. He specialises in Robotics, AI, ML and Space Science. He is a strong professional with a Master of Science in Electronics Science with ten years of experience in deployment of Robotics Technology, AI, ML and Space Education in schools and universities. He is currently heading the Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GCIE) at the Global Indian International School Dubai campus, a K-12 school, for the last three and a half years. The Vision of GCIE Department is to develop a vibrant, sustainable ecosystem for students to promote innovation, nurture start-ups and incubation by integrating various professional domains for socially relevant ventures and to make a positive impact on society. They nurture the skills of students in Robotics, AI and Coding, Design technology, Quality Circles, Kaizen and foster innovative ideas from the students for solving real world problems and provide direction to them, so that such students can go on to become successful innovators and entrepreneurs.