Why Sponsor?

International Schooling Is a $54 Billion-a-Year Business

Utilise Outstanding Schools events to be part of this rapidly expanding market



Outstanding Schools is the hub for premium and mid-tier international schools. 80% of the top 500 international schools in the Middle East have sent their leaders to attend. Outstanding Schools Middle East successfully unites all international schools regardless of curricula.


Finding a needle in a haystack can seem easier than finding a Principal at a exhibition. OSME is a closed forum for senior leaders, who contribute to the research, Steering Committee, speaking roles, content and networking functions. They are seeking a select few service providers to help with very specialised services.


Show you understand school leader objectives. Offer guidance and support. We need speakers to share stories and demos to improve T&L, wellbeing, inclusion, management, edtech, marketing, workforce development and more.


No more chasing leads online, it's time to reconnect in-person. The Middle East has always prided itself on human interaction and relationships.


If you want leaders from international schools in the Middle East to know who you are and to understand exactly how you can improve their school, then this event is the correct marketing strategy for you. The international community trust OSME to partner only with the most relevant services.


Conduct qualified 1-to-1 meetings and enjoy several other networking opportunities to engage with school leaders. The event is dynamic, switching between presentations, interactive roundtables, break-out meeting rooms and even "speed networking" sessions, where participants are paired off to "meet and greet". This way you can build relationships and empathy throughout the day as challenging discussions and organised interactions take place.

See what past sponsors think about OSME

"It has exactly the vibe you want from a conference. It was very interactive, I felt like I was in the room with them, getting a great understanding of their needs. The “speed dating” and roundtable sessions were really good. I was finding pre-pandemic events were more miss than hit with attendance but with Outstanding Schools events, we have noticed that a lot of senior leaders and key decision makers attend and are visible. We were looking to boost awareness of our brand and our research and the panel delivered that. School leaders have already been in touch to compliment us on our panel discussion. Sessions were so well run, it was great to be part of it. We found we connected with so many schools via LinkedIn off the back of the event. These contacts wouldn’t have happened otherwise."
Jarrod HingstonManager, School Assessment ServicesAustralian Council for Educational Research
"It was great to be part of the event and connect with principals. We generated lots of interest and found the platform easy to use."
Rachel WalshOxford International AQA Examinations

Why Sponsor?

  • Share a platform with some of biggest names in education
  • Engage with some of the largest school groups in the world
  • Present to (or lead discussion with) the most relevant schools audience, be it principals and managers, teachers or inclusion & wellbeing professionals
  • Target the most relevant schools pre-event to secure their attendance at your sessions, awareness of your services and to book 1-to-1 meetings
  • Execute qualified meetings during the conference
  • Work through challenges directly with practitioners offering your own tools and templates by running your own workshop
  • Brand awareness with banner ads during all 3 conferences or alternatively target specific audiences and job titles to receive personalised adverts
  • Ongoing lead generation with access to all attendees pre-event, during and post-event for 30 days

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