Workshops | DAY 3 - Thursday, 14 October 2021

8:50 am
Opening Keynote Presentation: Keeping #Wellbeingfirst in the Data Cycle
  • Understanding why we must never forego a first and fundamental focus on student wellbeing and attitudes to learning as an essential feature of the truly outstanding school
  • Exploring how wellbeing and attitudes can be measured, visualised and maximised as the most important part of a triangle of student-level data
  • Demonstrating how all three vertices together can tell, and, fundamentally, change the individual student’s data story, and complete our picture of them as an emergent learner
9:30 am
Teaching & Learning Masterclass - Creating Learning That Matters: How to Rethink Curriculum Design for 21st Century Learning

Dr Terence Brady has been working on creating a new and innovative school curriculum in line with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s National Vision 2030. In this session, school leaders and curriculum developers will gain practical advice and guidance on how to transform a traditional curriculum into a forward-thinking and creative curriculum fit for the 21st Century.

Key learning points will include:

  • How to make a curriculum genuinely personalised and pupil-centred
  • How to give students the opportunity to experience their learning
  • How to become maker-centric and turn students into creators rather than consumers
9:30 am
Wellbeing & Inclusion Sponsored Workshop: The Link Between SEN and Mental Health and How Online Interventions Can Bridge the Gap

Mable Therapy is the UK’s leading online speech and language therapy and counselling provider. As well as delivering therapy as a schools’ and private service, their team of clinicians deliver training to school staff in supporting students’ SEND and mental health needs. In recent years they’ve combined their expertise in these two disciplines to examine the importance of mental health and communication as predictors of long-term well-being and academic achievement.

In this session school leaders will learn how to:

  • Recognise the link between mental health issues and speech and language difficulties and how to avoid misdiagnosis
  • Develop a cross-disciplinary approach to inclusion that can provide a more comprehensive support framework for students’
  • Use online interventions to facilitate this framework, improve access to specialist provision and collate meaningful outcome data.
9:30 am
Workforce & CPD Masterclass: Creating a Coaching Culture that Develops Highly Effective Teachers that Impact Student Achievement

Dr Kapono Ciotti from the American International School in Egypt will share key learning points around how they saw the culture of the school change by coaching just a handful of teachers with studies showing that highly effective teachers are the single most influential factor in attaining positive student achievement. In this session, school leaders will learn and understand the need to create a highly efficient workforce to impact on not only student achievement, but also school-wide improvement.

Key learning points will include:

  • How to successfully provide targeted and effective feedback both remotely through digital media and through in person-observation and post-observation sessions
  • How to create a school culture shift and become a catalyst for school improvement through organic teacher growth and development
  • How to implement Professional Learning Communities as a way to structure dialogue, avoiding spiralling negativity and encouraging innovation and joint-vision
10:30 am
20 Minute Break
10:50 am
Teaching & Learning Sponsored Workshop

This session will be led by a representative from a leading GSCEPod international subscribing school.

In this session GCSEPod & co will walk you through best practice, tips, hints, and cognitive science on a leading ed-tech platform.

Now used in 40+ countries, GCSEPod and its international subscribing schools will use this session to invite all attendees to an interactive workshop to gain a deeper insight into the platform that is building confidence, raising attainment and reducing teacher workload across the globe.

10:50 am
Wellbeing & Inclusion Workshop: Emotional Literacy - Learning How to Increase the Confidence, Engagement and Learning of Your Pupils

This session will cover the importance of adopting and implementing a successful approach to emotional literacy which will help nurture a more grounded, engaged and intrinsically motivated pupil. Here, school leaders will:

  • Identify the underlying emotions and circumstances that can often, at times, hinder pupil progress at school
  • Learn how to use the collaborative ‘passport’ template designed to improve pupil literacy and promote discussion of unspoken issues to help support school progress
  • Gain the skills and knowledge to steer young people to greater emotional understanding of themselves, so they can better manage their route through the school system
10:50 am
Leadership & Management Workshop: School Leaders – How Could/Should You Manage Your Board?

In this session, Dr Helen Wright, Board Chair and international education advisor (and former UK/international school principal) and Matthew Savage, former Principal of ICS Amman and now an international education consultant, join forces to explore what good governance can and could look like in an international school. Drawing on their own experiences, and on the successful outcomes of their blended online course for Board members of international schools, #betterboards, they will explore what good governance could, and arguably should, look like in outstanding schools in the region.

Principals and senior leaders will be encouraged to see their school through the eyes of their Board, and challenged to think about the agency they have (and could have more of) in managing their Board.

Key learning points will include:

  • Understand what values-led governance can and could look like, in different contexts
  • Appreciate the power of Principals and senior leaders in shaping the direction and output of the Board
  • Develop a practical checklist of how you can help your Board to develop and improve
11:50 am
20 Minute Break
12:10 pm
Wellbeing & Inclusion Masterclass: Championing Mental Health and Wellbeing Across the Whole-School

As the first and only international school in the Gulf to receive the Silver Standard Mental Health Award, from the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools, the British School Al Khubairat will share how they have developed and delivered an outstanding mental health and wellbeing provision to both students and staff.

In this session, school leaders will:

  • Explore whole-school frameworks and activities that can be implemented to effectively boost the wellbeing of students and staff, including preventative and proactive intervention methods
  • Understand the importance of collaboration with different stakeholders, from parents to local networks and communities, to achieve the best possible outcomes for students through a holistic approach
  • Gain best practice tips and knowledge to further improve and support student mental health and wellbeing in schools
12:10 pm
Teaching & Learning Sponsored Workshop: From Good to Great - How Education Perfect is Supporting Arabic Departments to Achieve Excellence in Teaching and Learning

In this 1-hour workshop, you will get the opportunity to hear how Education Perfect (EP) resources support students’ development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in Arabic B/Arabic as a foreign language. You’ll also have the opportunity  to hear the innovative ways schools throughout the Middle East are using EP to enhance their Arabic departments’ teaching and learning programmes, and to support the delivery of engaging, and interactive Arabic lessons across all year levels.

Ask Melissa and Philippa any questions you might have about EP’s Arabic course, and have fun trying out a lesson or two yourself to experience the resources first-hand!

1:10 pm
20 Minute Break
1:30 pm
Workforce & CPD Workshop: Championing Evidence-Based CPD - The 7 E’s of Effective Professional Development

In this session, you will learn the key requirements of what makes up an effective teacher CPD programme and where to focus teacher CPD priorities so that they are best equipped to deal with pandemic related challenges.

Key discussion points will include:

  • Why professional development matters so much
  • What the research evidence tells us about effective professional development
    • The role of identity, agency and pedagogical alignment
    • Active learning, reflective and reflexive practice and coaching
    • Student needs, teacher efficacy and impact on learning
  • From onboarding to compliance, qualifications to progression, consistency to collective efficacy
  • What to start thinking about now – and what to do next
1:30 pm
Leadership & Management Workshop: High Performance Learning - Outstanding to World Class

Led by Simon O’Grady, CEO of High Performance Learning, this workshop will explore strategic
school challenges; world class school features; and moving from regulatory outstanding to self-improving world class.

2:30 pm
Close of Conference

*Programme subject to change