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Nicola Lambros

European Director of Education - Cognita Schools

Nicola Lambros is the European Director of Education for Cognita Schools group; currently accountable for the development of education strategy, school improvement and inspection and accreditation of 53 schools in England and Wales. She has successfully led schools as a Headteacher and senior leader in the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America; these roles provided the opportunity to establish a Senior School, lead the development of a new whole school campus and lead schools successfully through inspections and accreditations. Nicola is a passionate advocate of research in education for school improvement and development. Her area of interest and expertise is Mind Brain and Education (MBE) science which brings together research in neuroscience, psychology and behaviour and cognitive science to provide a holistic understanding of education. She is particularly interested in how this can be effectively applied to cultivate outstanding school cultures in order to nurture excellent student outcomes and positive wellbeing and mental health. Nicola’s own research in this area has provided her with opportunities to present at numerous conferences around the world, write for various educational publications and she is also the author the ‘Pupil Attitudes to Self and School Interventions’ for GL Education to support the effective use of the PASS assessment in schools. Nicola has an MA in Educational Leadership and has been awarded Fellowship of the Chartered College of Teaching.